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    Covid-19 Update and Official Statement

    We hope that you are all safe, well and are taking the required precautions in light of recent developments with the COVID-19 outbreak.

    An update on our events for March and April; due to the effects of Coronavirus and amidst a series of requests to postpone shows until later this year, we are currently in discussions with all of our venue partners, agents and artists about potential new dates. More on which, soon.

    The postponement of these shows, the economic precarity of the times and our own moral obligation to keep the most vulnerable amongst us safe has left us with no option than to close our doors for the foreseeable, thus throwing our long term future as a music venue into question.

    On behalf of the promoters and artists that we work with we would like to kindly request that those who have already purchased tickets to our now postponed events, to take the option to transfer these tickets over to the newly established dates as they become public knowledge. This would require no effort on your part only to confirm that you're happy for us to proceed with the transfer of your tickets that will remain valid for the new dates, should you still wish to attend.

    Although we would greatly appreciate the option of transferring tickets over to new dates being taken, it is, as ever our wont to offer full refunds at the point of purchase and we are happy to honour requests to do so on a case by case basis.


    Meanwhile we will continue to keep everyone updated with utmost transparency regarding more show postponements and rescheduled dates via our socials, mailing list and website.

    Finally and it goes without saying that this is the most challenging of times for everybody and with that we would like to extend a message of solidarity to everybody in our beloved community of music and art lovers, our local musicians and artists, our sound engineers, our bar staff, our local cafes and restaurants, fellow small music venues and small businesses, those who are working in the hospitality and health and social care sectors, the most vulnerable in our society who are most at risk, the new Mutual Aid groups that have mobilised in the face of frightening times that we are so far witness to. You are not alone in this and together we must unite to overcome the challenges of this uncertain landscape.

    Let's stay safe and look after each other.

    Team Elsewhere x

    Weekly Update

    The Menzingers, Lower Than Atlantis, Less Than Jake and Lame-O Records official UK Store.

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    Weekly Update

    Our Record Of The Week

    Japandroids - Near To The Wild Heart Of Life

    The rest of our recommended releases this week 


    Other News

    • We are very happy to be the UK Exclusive distributor for Mom Jeans debut album 'Best Buds'. You can pre-order the record now (to ship in April) on green w/ orange splatter vinyl. Pre Order | Listen

     And that's all for this week, the plan is to make this a regular post every Saturday so check back to keep up with everything that is happening at Monkey Boy Records.

    Our Top 10 Records Of 2016

    10. Brian Fallon - Painkillers

    We were as gutted as everyone else when The Gaslight Anthem called it a day (let's just pretend ‘Get Hurt’ never happened), but Brian Fallon came back this year with a solo album. 

    This solo project is more americana alt-rock than previous work but Mr Fallon hasn't lost that punk edge we all loved from his band's output. There are some great singalong choruses here and although it's not going to replace the hole that The Gaslight Anthem has left it's still a very worthy listen.





     9. Frankie Cosmos - Next Thing

    This is Greta Kline's second LP under the Frankie Cosmos moniker. One - Two minute long blasts of bedroom indie pop with personal and sincere lyrics about her experiences in life.









     8. Japanese Breakfast - Psychopomp

    Solo Project of Michelle Zauner formally of the equally excellent 'Little Big League' .This is more dream pop than emo tinged indie rock but with much darker lyrical content. 








    7. Car Seat Headrest - Teens Of Denial

    Perhaps guilty of a bit of self promotion here but we didn't want to set up a merch store for these guys because they make 'ok' music. After making a name for themselves through a load of albums self released on bandcamp Teens of Denial marks their first album of new material for Matador and it's rightly getting a lot of positive attention.








    6. Tiny Moving Parts - Celebrate

    Math rock, pop punk & emo rolled in to one, what's not to like? This is Tiny Moving Parts third album and in our opinion their strongest yet and a return to form after 'Pleasant Living'.










    5. Crying - Beyond The Fleeting Gales

    This is Crying's debut album and it's probably the most 'fun' record on our list. I've heard it described as the music Jackson 5 would have made if they were an indie rock band and I like that.









    4. Mitski - Puberty 2

    Listen to 'Your Best American Girl' if that doesn't get your attention you probably won't like this record. A great rock record which covers issues such as anxiety and feeling out of place, Mitski's take on 'happy' as a fleeting feeling which is not worth pursuing is highly relatable. Possibly not a summer album...








    3. PUP - The Dream Is Over

    We had big hopes for this album after the banger that was PUP's self titled record. This album surpasses that. Expect to find yourself singing (shouting) along and fist pumping when you are hit with anthem after anthem. Best pop punk album of the year (sorry Jeff).








    2. Pinegrove - Cardinal

     A good friend told me to check out Pinegrove before 'Cardinal' was released which of course I ignored (one thing you're not short of is new music to listen to when you run a record store). I wish I hadn't now as it would have increased my hipster cred to the next level, a las. 

    It's hard to describe this album to someone without doing it an injustice. The best advice I can give is to listen to it. The songwriting and lyrics are excellent and there are enough hooks and singalong moments to keep you interested throughout the whole record.




    1. Whitney - Light Upon The Lake

    A real stand out from 2016 and our number 1 album is the extremely unique (at least for anything released in the last decade) debut record from Whitney. A Laid back, easy going album which is excellent from start to finish. The delicate instrumentation and beautiful harmonies will make you forget what it was you were stressed about in the first place. I can see this album being looked back on very favourably in years to come.  






    To see everything we liked this year follow this link to the best of 2016 category.